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Creative gifts

You will find a variety of gift items in the gift shop, from locally produced food and design items to drawing materials and activity books, art books for children and adults etc. We focus on local, Norwegian-produced quality goods, but you will also find lovely items from further afield.

The shop is open during Kabuso’s opening hours, and you don’t need an admission ticket to visit the shop.



NB! Kabuso held stengt t.o.m. 11. april som følgje av lokale smitteverntiltak. Merk at perioden kan bli forlenga.

Ons-fredag kl 11-15
Laur+sundag kl 11-16


Hardangerfjordvegen 626, Øystese
Tlf. 474 79 987

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Opening hours

Closed till and incl. April 11 due to infection control  

Wednesday-Friday 11 AM-3 PM
Sat+Sunday 11 AM-4 PM


Hardangerfjordvegen 626, Øystese
+ 47 474 79 987

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