Educational activities

Activities for schools and kindergartens

School classes and kindergartens are welcome to visit Kabuso. We provide educational activities for different age groups in connection with all our exhibitions. These visits are free. The Cultural Rucksack programme in Kvam covers transport expenses for primary and lower secondary school trips for the schools in Kvam.

Educational activities are always devised in connection with the different exhibitions. There are also separate activities for the Ingebrigt Vik Museum and Hardanger Skyspace by James Turrell.

Contact the public outreach officer at Kabuso to see the activities on offer and arrange a time slot: / +47 992 25 096


NB! Kabuso held stengt t.o.m. 11. april som følgje av lokale smitteverntiltak. Merk at perioden kan bli forlenga.

Ons-fredag kl 11-15
Laur+sundag kl 11-16


Hardangerfjordvegen 626, Øystese
Tlf. 474 79 987

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Closed till and incl. April 11 due to infection control  

Wednesday-Friday 11 AM-3 PM
Sat+Sunday 11 AM-4 PM


Hardangerfjordvegen 626, Øystese
+ 47 474 79 987

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