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Stein Urheim & The Cosmolodic Orchestra

Konsertsalen i Kabuso, Hardangerfjordvegen 626, Øystese

04.02.2018 18:00 til 19:00

Sundag 4. februar kl 18: Bli med på ei musikalsk reise med gitarist Stein Urheim og The Cosmolodic Orchestra! Avgang frå konsertsalen i Kabuso.


The Cosmolodic Orchestra er:
Per Jørgensen - trompet, vokal
Kjetil Møster - saksofonar, bassklarinett, elektronikk
Mari Kvien Brunvoll - vokal, elektronikk
Ole Morten Vågan - kontrabass
Kåre Opheim - trommer, perkusjon
Stein Urheim - gitarar, elektronikk, vokal

Her møter du ei god samling stjernemusikarar med svært sterke individuelle stemmer. Urheim skildrar verket som «ein musikalsk reiseberetning frå meir eller mindre utopiske samfunn, fiktive og realiserte». På denne reisa kan ein venta seg utstrakt bruk av mikrotonalitet i kombinasjon med eit meir konvensjonelt tonespråk, referansar til folkemusikk frå ulike verdshjørne og ikkje minst mykje gnistrande improvisasjon. skrev dette om konserten deira på Vossajazz 2016:

    `A previous recipient of the Vossa Jazz Award (2010), guitarist Stein Urheim has worked in an eclectic range of musical settings, in a duo with Mari Kvien Brunvoll, with Gabriel Fliflet's Aresong band and from rock band Steady Steele to HP Gundersen's drone band The Last Hurrah! His own recordings as leader have been widely praised in the music press, with The Quietus' John Doran describing Stein Urheim (Hubro Records, 2014)-the guitarist's third release as leader-as "kind of mind blowing."
    Given the range of his collaborations, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that this commissioned work for Vossa Jazz 2016 combined multiple musical elements The episodic narrative switched between composed form and free improvisation, with Per Jorgensen, Kjetil Moster,  Ole Morten Vagan and Kåre Opheim flitting in and out of collective passages and more intimate dialogs with controlled passion.
Urheim used graphic notation-images drawn from the disparate worlds of architect Buckminster Fuller, experimental musician Harry Partch, composer Eivind Groven and writer Aldous Huxley-to inspire the musicians, and there was certainly a very personal response to the more obviously free passages of music. Jazz and Norwegian folk roots dominated melodically, but Carnatic rhythms, African grooves, Stein's ethereal sound sculpting, subtle electronics, sampled voice and quite abstract interludes were all woven into the sweeping tapestry.
There was a little of Joe Zawinul's maxim "everybody solos and nobody solos," though there were standout individual moments, notably from Stein, Jorgensen and Moster. The cacophony of collective free improvisation contrasted with more melodious discourse and vocal harmonies as the music rose and fell in waves.
    Stein and the musicians were greeted with a rousing ovation from the audience in the old cinema-a fitting response to a successful musical adventure, bold in scope and wonderfully executed.´

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